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We were thrilled to have Mamie Oelerich, a Chicago native and rising college senior, join our team for the summer. We quickly introduced her to all aspects of the lighting design process from meeting with clients, visiting job sites, drawing lighting plans, researching product, creating and updating lighting fixture schedules, and everything in between. Her lively personality, attention to detail, and passion for design made a positive impact on our firm. Get to know more about Mamie below!

Where are you from?

The beautiful city of Chicago.

What is your educational background?

I went to grade school at Sacred Heart Schools Chicago, and I attended a high school within the same Catholic school network called Woodlands Academy in Lake Forest. I now currently am a senior at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, where I am studying Interior Design and Architectural Lighting!

What did you enjoy most about your summer internship?

I am really grateful for all of the job site visits across a range of projects I got to be a part of. This is where I learned the most from such hands-on experience and broad exposure to the realities of this industry.

Documenting the existing conditions for an elevator lobby lighting upgrade project.

What did you learn here that you’ll apply to your future career?

Definitely to triple check everything and be meticulous with your work. You can never be too careful!

What do you like doing in your free time?

I enjoy attempting some minor art projects, exercising outside, learning French, and hanging out with friends.

What’s your go-to productivity hack?

It’s gotta be listening to instrumental music—whether it’s classical or “cafe music” playlists—I would not be able to focus without it!

Mamie, you and me both on listening to instrumental music. Thanks for letting me play the Mozart piano concertos 1-27 all the time! We wish you the best and can't wait to see where your career takes you!

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